Why we need a new natural law that asserts all technologies have equally good and bad consequences

Notes from a deep green conservative

AS YOU MAY KNOW, one of Isaac Newton’s biggest days occurred in the 1680’s with his erudite thought-bubble that every action has an equal reaction.

It was one of Newton’s numerous insights that helped codify our understanding of the basic laws of physics that…

He’s a sexist redneck bigot I could never vote for, but America’s President has got a few things right

Notes from a deep green conservative

I was on a long drive with an old acquaintance recently when the conversation turned to politics.

It’s a topic I usually avoid with this person because of his voluble support for wacky conspiracy theories favored by the extreme right.

When he announced a…

Donald Trump and other western leaders are desperate to wrest a white male, monocultural narrative for the pandemic from the World Health Organisation

Notes from a deep green conservative

I RECENTLY read a novel called Fever by well-known South African author, Dean Meyer. It describes the aftermath of a coronavirus pandemic which wipes out 95 percent of the world’s population.

It’s a good read, if somewhat technocratic in its view of a post…

In an era of exponential and uncontrolled growth we need a new kind of politics that give pause to humanity’s role on the planet

OCCASIONALLY, on a good day, I’m asked what a deep green conservative actually is.

I say occasionally because many people I encounter just assume it’s a political witticism.

After all, labelling oneself ‘deep green’ is associated with the radical left, whereas conservatism is about resistance to change and nearly always…

Climate disruption and biodiversity loss are our biggest global challenges. But our smallest governments hold the key to doing something about it

Notes from a deep green conservative

IN THE LATE 1860’s a Harvard College mathematics professor, Benjamin Peirce, undertook a curious study.

He estimated that a prominent elm tree near his office had a crop of seven million leaves that, if laid next to each other, would cover a surface of…

We learnt from the 1969 moon shot that Earth is special and vulnerable. Yet we seem determined to ignore what astronauts have been telling us for years

Random notes from a deep green conservative

I DON’T LIKE to rain on anyone’s parade.

But as I am sure many people have realized, it’s rather contradictory to be celebrating the 50th anniversary of the moon landing when it took half a million gallons (1.9 …

The idea of humans subduing the earth is fast losing ground to more inclusive views

If or when Moses sat down to inscribe Genesis 1:28 he obviously had no idea of the trouble he would cause around 3000 years later.

For just as we now know that Moses probably wasn’t the author, we’re also coming to realize that giving humans ideological dominion over all other…

Our obsession with growth is ruining the planet. There are better alternatives.

Notes from a deep green conservative.

What would happen if the world experienced a long period of deliberate zero economic growth?

It happened briefly after the Great Depression, although it wasn’t deliberate.

My grandfather, then an Australian public…

P. K. Denton

Author, journalist and mentor. I call myself a deep green conservative.

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