Small is Beautiful: The Lost Wisdom of E.F. Schumacher

Some old ideas are more relevant than ever as the world faces its greatest environmental challenge

The production from local resources for local needs is the most rational way of economic life

What made it unique, as it’s subtitle suggests, was Schumacher’s appeal for a move away from technological gigantism to smaller and more human scale technologies and economies.

Modern man talks of a battle with nature, forgetting that, if he won the battle, he would find himself on the losing side

Schumacher’s various consultancies (including at one time chief editorial writer for The Times), allowed him to travel widely throughout the developing world, particularly India and Burma.

So are Schumacher’s ideas still relevant today?

The world has changed dramatically since Schumacher’s death in 1977.

Author, journalist and mentor. I call myself a deep green conservative.

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