When controlling advertising means controlling the news

Historically the nexus between advertising and news media ownership has been strong. This is why Google and Facebook should be disrupted

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A recent spate of commentary about how little Silicon Valley cares about pending environmental and biodiversity crises is disturbing, considering its influence

Amazon is catching up fast as it moves into the grocery business where the really big ad spenders like Coca-Cola hang out (Amazon founder/owner Jeff Bezos already owns the prestigious Washington Post newspaper).

One interesting outcome of the current debate over big-tech regulation is that it has partially clarified how news media is evolving.

In fact, Facebook has already flexed its political muscle. US presidential candidate Senator Elizabeth Warren, a fierce advocate for breaking up big tech, had some of her anti-tech advertisements temporarily suspended recently. Facebook claimed, according to the Economist, that it was due to trademark issues.

Author, journalist and mentor. I call myself a deep green conservative.

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